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Kids sunglasses K-9500ca | UNI-KINGDOM | Manufacturer | Taiwan

Kids sunglasses K-9500ca

SKU: K-9500ca

Kids/baby sunglasses K-9500ca

-For baby under 4 year old

-Frame width:13.5cm
-Frame length:12.8cm
-Frame height:.3.6cm

-Frame material could be PC, TR-90, frame color could be changed.
-Lens material could be PC, Polarized, PC polarized, photochromatic or 

  other request.
-Meet with ANSI, CE Standard. If you have any request for other

 standard, we could make the test for you.
-Min. q’ty is 300pcs for each color
-Delivery is within 75-120 days.

Leave an inquiry below for further information and quote for Kids/baby sunglasses K-9500ca, we will get back to you soon!



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